TypeScript Gamified: Level up your TS skills [ebook]

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Hello traveler, and welcome to your first TypeScript learning adventure!

Level up your TypeScript skills. Complete levels, unlock achievements, face challenges, and have fun!

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TypeScript Gamified is a programming e-book inspired by video games. Each chapter is a level you must conquer. Levels include topics, code samples, and pixel art graphics starring characters and other elements inspired by well-known games.

Levels end with a challenge where you’ll develop a small game using what you've learned so far, and there’s also a bonus challenge for those who want the extra XP.

If you want to see how all of this works, here’s a free sample that includes the first level and challenge!

What to expect?

  • A deep dive into each topic. From the basics of TS to more advanced topics.
  • Many game-inspired code samples.
  • Pixel art illustrations and diagrams.
  • Challenges and walkthroughs so you can put what you learned into practice.
  • A GitHub repo containing the solution for every challenge.
  • 6 levels to complete.
  • And more!

I want this!

A PDF-format e-book consisting of 6 levels of content spread across 272 pages. You’ll also get access to a GitHub repo containing code samples and solutions for the code challenges. Incoming Bonus Levels will be available for free.

Levels (chapters)
Bonus levels


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TypeScript Gamified: Level up your TS skills [ebook]

16 ratings
I want this!